Saturday, January 2, 2016

EXPO Milano 2015 - A Video Montage

I didn't post as much as I would have liked last year, so I'm looking to up my game a little bit in 2016. Why not start on January 1st? In actuality, this has been something that has been in the works for a little bit of time, but it definitely feels good to put the bow on it today.

The video below chronicles our time at the Milan World EXPO. This is actually the second EXPO that Bri and I have attended. Indeed, I wrote about my experiences at the Yeosu World EXPO in 2012 (part 1/part 2), which was later picked up by when I was a world korea blogger. To put it bluntly, we absolutely adore the EXPO experience. If possible, I'm sure we will attend every single EXPO until I drop, but I don't want to get ahead of myself, though that is one of my greatest talents.

Without further adieu, here is our video montage of Milan's take on the World EXPO in 2015.

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