Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Somewhat Spontaneous Exploratory Poem On Travel

Well, I have a moment to spare, and seeing as how I'm not particularly good at relaxing, I thought I'd write a poem about what it is that travel means to me. That is to say, when I'm sharing where I may or may not be going next, sometimes I get raised eyebrows, with the question, "why?" - and I suppose this is an attempt to answer that question, and explain what travel means to me. Perhaps it's also an attempt to make use of time that I might otherwise have used to relax...My goodness, can you imagine?

A Rocking Boat

It's the sip of a coffee with a taste unknown, 
A walk in a room with a glittering throne, 
The taste of salt water on carefree lips, 
Recording a movie to post a good clip. 

Last minute packing, no care in the world, 
 To try something new, a passion unfurled, 
Beaches too hot to walk on barefoot, 
Knowing its better to move than stay put.

A rocking boat in the waves of the night, 
The sincere excitement surrounding a flight, 
Arrive at a hotel, it's dirty indeed, 
Trying to let go of the thing we call "greed." 

The first time you see a place from your dreams, 
 In the book of your life, you discover new themes, 
A mountain, mist-covered, perched up above, 
To question your knowledge of the meaning of love. 

Watching a plan come to gleaming fruition, 
Eating a meal and forgetting nutrition, 
A brilliant glance of water and sun, 
That feeling you get, when you finally run. 

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