Sunday, May 24, 2015

China, The Lost Photos: Part 1 (Beijing)

I was young, a relatively inexperienced traveller, had little to no money, still wore baggy clothes, was combatting the plagues of acne, didn't even have a camera, was in the midst of university, and was 18 years old. So, naturally, I bought a camera and went to China.

I had travelled, yes, but nothing like China. A conversation over a beer with my friend Lawrence in Kingston, Ontario turned into a more or less spontaneous plane ride to Beijing, and was it ever a good choice. Even better, one of my best friends at the time, Mike, decided to hop on board.

This was 2009, long before the time of religious posting of photos and the surge of Instagram. As such, I never did really got around to really sharing them. To be honest, I forgot about them entirely, and, I figure, six years late is better than never.

I'm calling this series, The Lost Photos, because I've only just found them. You can expect a few more parts on the horizon. Alas, there's not all that many, but this is how I experienced Beijing.

I can't get over how young I look. It's a wonder I survived.

Touched down, and I took out the "new" camera. I tried to take about a million photos while in China.

It looked important so I took a photo. It turned out to be the Opera House.

I didn't know what to expect - this, though, I expected.

Young, naive, and sweaty outside the Forbidden City

Mao himself

Enjoying those semi-permanent grey Beijing skies.  
Mocking ancient turtle, a sign of my maturity at the time. Actually, I might still do that.

When Yao was still relevant. 

The Olympics weren't that far gone at the time. 

Bonding abroad with Mike and Lawrence. 

Ming Tombs

Seemed about right. 

Not sure why I took a photo of this. It's a restaurant?

Staying at the Star River condos thanks to Lawrence. He had some lovely connections.

Star River condos

Shockingly, domestic Chinese planes don't have much legroom. 
The next stop was Langzhou, then there were more stops along the horizon. You'll find them in the upcoming posts, so stay tuned. China was a good place to start my passion for travel, and, luckily, I've got the pictures to prove it.


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