Friday, October 3, 2014

Meaningful Memories: A Photo-essay of Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua

Pearl Lagoon, Nicaragua remains a place that is near to my heart. Scrolling through photos, I get a sincere sense of joy recalling all that occurred. I taught English there for a month at Las Perlas Instituto, but it was, undoubtedly, so much more. This morning, it occurred to me that perhaps I hadn't really shared a lot of my experience there. The food that I ate, the relationships I forged, the teaching, the long walks, and the brilliant sun - I owe Pearl Lagoon so much. I decided that my memories from Pearl Lagoon have a vivid sort of feel, so this post will be best served in the form of a photo essay. This would be my second photo essay, as I've done one previously for Ecuador. I have selected an amount of photos that would signify about how many days I spent there, more or less.

I do hope you enjoy, and this provides some insight into my life there. A life I sincerely appreciated. Between this post and the post on Orinoco recently, my mind has gone back to Nicaragua momentarily, and I'm relishing it. Though, of course, I'm appreciating the present here in Istanbul - a wonder in its own right.

I digress. Here you are. As Kurt Vonnegut says when he begins Slaughterhouse-Five:

"All this happened, more or less."

Those grassy streets of Pearl Lagoon

Taken by one of my favourite kids in the community

Queen Lobster, a bar and restaurant that was like my second home

Las Perlas Instituto, where I taught

Miss Ingrid's niece (more or less). She was a special young lady. 

You wouldn't believe how hot these classrooms got. No, I don't miss that.

The wonderful Miss Ingrid, with family and friends. I was so fortunate to stay with her.

A heavy meal wasn't hard to come by in these parts. Suited me just fine.

Kevin, Geri, Jimmy and a traveller rolling through. So much love for these folks.

Near my home. I walked past this everyday. The dog was always there.

The local basketball court served as a community beacon. 

Jimmy cooked up some of the meanest shrimp around. Delicious.
This was my cozy home for the month. I grew to love it. 

Baseball was life in Pearl Lagoon.

Kymani and I became fast friends. Many games of baseball played, many meals shared.

Receiving my service award for my work there from Miss Gerda. She didn't like photos, but was full of joy.

Fred's Place - Kevin and I essentially lived here.

Sweet, sweet Pearl Lagoon

With love, always love.


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