Sunday, June 1, 2014

Granada, Nicaragua: "Doors"

I rarely, if ever, feel the urge to write about a city while I'm actually in it. For one reason or another, in Granada I can't help myself. I've been busier than an accountant during tax season since I arrived here, and after this morning's trip to Mombacho Volcano, I've decided to take a short while to post something on Granada. Something I'm excited about.

While at the top of the volcano, looking over Lake Nicaragua, I was trying to decide why Granada was growing on me so quickly. I'll be honest, when I first arrived, I enjoyed Granada, but I wasn't taken by it if you know what I mean. I realized that this city is growing on me because I couldn't help turning down any one street and being entranced and fascinated.  

I narrowed it down to the doorways.

The colourful, vibrant entryways of this city tell a story that I think I've been piecing together since I arrived. Thus, my project this afternoon was to try to capture this story and spin it into my own. I spent the last few hours wandering up an down major streets, alleyways, side-streets and backstreets. Streets, streets, streets. What I was looking for are the doors you see below. I found them in spades. Here are the doors of Granada:

Heading out to the market, then some dinner and perhaps a beer or two are in order. I'm feeling as good as I possibly could. See you soon, Leon.


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