Wednesday, April 9, 2014

15 Interesting Facts About Countries Around the World

At times, my endless curiosity perpetuates itself in peculiar ways. For example, one fine afternoon I spent my time (and some would argue wasted) searching the internet for intriguing and obscure facts that I hadn't yet encountered about countries around the world. I found myself scratching my chin in wonder and nodding my head in understanding at what I now knew, that I didn't know only moments before. I thought that I would make this post if only to afford you the same opportunity. Exciting, right? These are facts that I came across from a number of resources and I'm fairly sure they're accurate, but if they don't happen to be completely and utterly accurate for some odd reason or another, don't barrage me with long-winded, aggressive emails.

Without further adieu, here are 15 facts that I thought were too interesting not to be shared.

1) With a population of overweight people that far exceeds that of the United States, the small island in the Southern Pacific known as Nauru statistically has the most overweight populous on the planet. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that prior to being called the Republic of Nauru, it was called "Pleasant Island." 



Nauru, in all its splendor. (source)


2) Australia is the only continent in the world to have no active volcanoes.


3) One of the official anthems of the micro-nation of Ladonia is the sound of a stone thrown into water. 


4) All of China is on Beijing time despite geographically spanning over 5 time zones. 


5) Here's one for the homeland that I knew but felt I had to include. At 1896 km, Canada's Yonge Street is the longest street in the world. 


6) With enormous expanses of forest, Russia produces the most oxygen for human consumption on the planet. 



The Great Vasyugan Mire, Siberia (source)



7) New Zealand was the first nation to give women the right to vote in 1893 - a move that was followed two years later by its neighbour Australia. 


8) Kudos to India who has never invaded a country in its entire history. 


9) Abkhazia is the most recent country to declare independence, which happened on August 26th, 2008. 





10) I cannot blame them in the slightest, but Switzerland consumes the most chocolate per year with approximately 10 kilos a year per person. Hey, they're known for their chocolate, right? 


11) If you count overseas territories, then it is actually France that covers the most time zones with a whopping 12. 


12) With over 60% of all lakes in the world (over three million in total), Canada has the most lakes on the planet. Luckily, I've been able to swim in a few of them. 




13) The first ever Olympic medal for Ireland was won in 1924 in the category of painting. Yes, painting. The category doesn't exist anymore, of course, but in that time John Butler Yeats won for his painting "The Liffey Swim," located below. 





14) Looking for a spouse? Singapore has the highest ratio of millionaires in the world.


15) With 45 of 80 seats taken by women, it is the nation of Rwanda which has the highest percentage of women in parliament. 


As always, thanks for stopping by. Hope to see you again soon, anonymous yet appreciated internet user.



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