Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Poem For a Pleasant Peninsula

One of the wonderful benefits of teaching English in Korea is that you often find yourself with a little time to spare at the workplace. The allotted time for preparation from the school is generally quite generous, when you look at the time you might actually need. Not surprisingly, the longer you've been teaching, the less time you need to prepare. So, I've found myself six months into my contract with an ample amount of appreciated spare time. I generally use the time to read, but I've also been known to study Korean, or surreptitiously surf the internet. Today, however, was a special sort of day. I found myself sitting at my desk, and then slowly began to nod my head in agreement with the idea that had popped into my head. I decided that I would write a poem about the country of Korea, and here's the culminating result:

The Pleasant Peninsula

A poem of poems for a land in the East;
An emerging peninsula I call my home.
It costs next to nothing to eat a great feast,
A nice to place to wander, a wonder to roam.

The food's very spicy, it's merely the truth;
It comes out steaming in a hot-pot or plate.
Eat heaps of kimchi, it's the fountain of youth,
And may also aid you in losing some weight.

Let's talk transportation, it's fast and efficient,
From metro to trains, it's one of the best.
The wi-fi connection is more than sufficient,
And the cellphone reception passes the test.

If you've got legs in Korea, you'll end up hiking,
Following suit with the rest of the nation.
Koreans are active; they love skiing and biking,
An intelligent way to ease stress and frustration.

"Mekju" and "soju" stand for intoxication,
The hangover's brutal and you feel like a wreck.
But Koreans just love that tempting sensation,
They mix them together and call it "somek."

Temples and palaces are a part of this land;
Sensing the history, it feels quite serene.
There are parts of Korea that are wonderfully grand,
See the bluest of blues, and the greenest of greens.

It's a land worth exploring, so give it a chance,
You may find a friend or even a lover.
Give this fine country a second glance,
And you'll be very surprised by what you discover.

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