Sunday, January 24, 2010

Parties, Ponies, and Pigs

It feels like that time again where it would be an appropriate time to post a blog, so here goes. Again, there has been a lot of gatherings, and a variety of other interactions, where it seems almost unavoidable to meet and greet new people. Personally, I am quite happy with it. As most of you know I love to be social, and consider myself to be somewhat outgoing. It's interesting that most people seem as eager to meet me as I am to meet them. I have the distinct feeling that this is a commonality with international travel, and specifically at an international University such as University of Oslo, which holds about 10,000 international students within its confines. During my travels, I am being weary not to travel through my camera, but rather with my camera. I'm attempting to document feelings and moments rather than being trigger happy with my camera.

I am still intrigued by the concept of being a Canadian abroad. Most recently I have noticed that people seem to associate the concept of "Canadian" with American television references. References can be seen in shows like "South Park," and "How I Met Your Mother". In my quest to understanding these references I have now started watching "How I Met Your Mother", which I must say is ...legendary. I also let people know that Americans and Canadians love to poke fun at each other in Television. All Canadians can appreciate the hilarious humour directed towards Americans in shows like "This Hour Has 22 Minutes". While I am mentioning Canada I should inform you all that I bought this novelty "magic life-transforming breathspray". It has a picture of a Canadian guy on it and says "Look and Feel Canadian Instantly...Succumb to the Fantasy...As used by some of the world's finest people! and some bears". I thought that this was priceless, and it's pictured on the left if you want to take a look.

I am extremely stoked for the next few weeks in terms of travel. Next weekend I will be taking a boat cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen. On board, there are restaurants, bars, clubs, a swimming pool, a casino, and enticingly cheap duty free in comparison to Oslo. I am most intrigued to spend an afternoon in Copenhagen, especially in light of all of the media interest it has received over the climate summit. I will also be going to the place that is pictured just to the right of this sentence. It is a city that has been on my "hit-list" for quite some time, and I am genuinely excited to see it. I am referring to Stockholm, Sweden. I will be going with 8 other people from Canada, Australia, and America respectively. We rented out a room in a hostel, and I am ecstatic to see the city from February 4-7th. This is just the tip of the iceberg of my travel plans that will inevitably lead me into bankruptcy, but I will be sure to keep everyone posted a little closer to the date.

Since I last posted I have also done a lot of other exciting things that are making me feel truly ecstatic to be here. My favourite of these events is probably cross country skiing (where we saw a Norwegian pony), which puts most other sports to shame. I really thought it would be pretty fun , but nothing special, though I fell in love with it thanks to my friend Neil (AUS). I have also been to a live jazz concert, the viking ship museum, the Opera House, skating in downtown Oslo, and went out dancing like no one was watching (they was awkward). Actually it was amazing, and most of you know I love to dance. I figure that I would leave you with pictures of a bundle of the events that are making my life in Oslo fantastic. Also, thanks to everyone for the great feedback, visits, and comments on the blog. And yes one of those pictures is me riding a giant mascot pig that was kindly borrowed by a few of my friends from the student pub Amatoren, and I subsequently chose to ride.

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  1. Looks like you're having a blast with your homies! :)